Missing something?

A deeper connection, perhaps? You just found it.

Events Wild is a series of workshops and activities designed to re-connect you to the core of life; to reintroduce you to what you’ve been missing since glowing screens, computer interfacing and social media became so prominent. Through interactive, in-person workshops, we’ll explore and hone the art of deep connection through various themes and activities, with the goal to recapture your more complete self and replace what you’ve been missing.

We believe the key ingredients are nature, self discovery and in-person interaction with your people. Events Wild was created to provide you a path back to the fundamental core of what matters, to help you slow down and be present in your own life and the lives of these you care about.

Join us.

It’s an adventure we can undertake together. Begin with our Signature Workshops. They will gently bring you into our community and prepare you for our Specialty Workshops and Retreats. Check out our calendar of upcoming workshops, retreats and other activities.

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